Eddie Griffin Crashes a Ferrari Enzo

Actor Eddie Griffin crashed a $1.4m Ferrari Enzo Supercar, one of 400 of its kind on the planet, totaling it during a rehearsal for a charity event! Understeer FTL.


(CBS) IRWINDALE, Calif. Actor and comedian Eddie Griffin crashed a pricey Ferrari sports car Monday evening during rehearsals for part of a rehearsal for a charity event called “Race For a Cause” at the Irwindale Speedway.

The actor was placed in an ambulance but was not believed to have suffered serious injuries. He joked about the crash after leaving the ambulance. Referring to himself he quipped, “…the brother can’t drive!”

Celebrities, including Griffin, were to split a pool of $250,000 for their favorite charities.

The stars were to race in cars used in the film “Redline” opening April 13. The movie is about the high-end world of high-performance sports cars and gambling and men with big egos.

Other celebrities scheduled for the charity race included Wycleaf Kean, Reggie Bush, Bow Wow, Jackie Chan and Nadia Bjorlin.

Source: autoblog.com