DIY Adjustable Control Arms Bro!

Straight from Finland, this hardcore fabricator gives us the scoop on his adjustable Honda Civic holocaust home made control arms! Now you too can put yourself and your car in jeopardy with this easy to do mod with parts found lying around your garage! Bro, what a nightmare!
honda civic control arms homemade adjustable DIY

Step one: Begin by cutting the control arm’s “arms” in half, giving you possibily infinite adjustability while simultaneously comprimising any kind of physical rigidity it may have had!

The quality that went into this race spec piece puts titanium tubular competitors to shame. Just look at the long slotted holes drilled with dull bits free handed, where can i place my order?

1/8″ metal stock guarentees the new control arms WILL NOT flex until actually mounted to the vehicle. Fasteners you found laying around the garage always a sure bet for success

Bro now i can get my civic’s mad tyte JDM camber adjustments to get those 215’s to tuck, bro thats fcukin mint!

When youre done, send these badboys to the powder coater for some show worthy paint.

Now theyre ready to be installed so you can see your front wheels pass you on the highway! This kind of engineering is something Ferrari and McLaren need on their formula 1 teams